• Sabian 18″ Artisan Crash Cymbal Natural Finish


    The Sabian Artisan range is diverse in sound, each cymbal having its own character inspired by some of the most influential drummers in the world right now. Beautifully crafted and handmade, the Artisan series offers fantastic tone and durability.

    The Artisan is designed using a special process that lets the cymbal flex on impact, absorbing stick energy and creating a responsive feel. So if you’re looking for a quality lightweight crash that will become a staple part of your setup. this 18″ Cymbal is a great choice.

    The 18″ Artisan crash is large enough to provide power, but thanks to its extra-thin construction, does not muddy-up your kit’s overall sound. This vintage sounding cymbal has oodles of character and plenty tonal options. Check out the included video on this page to hear if the Artisan 18″ crash is the sound you’ve been looking for.


    Style: Masterpiece
    Weight: Thin
    Metal: B20
    Sound: Dark

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