• Yamaha DTX432 Electronic Drum Kit


    Start your drumming journey today with the new Yamaha DTX432. With its own intuitive new learning system you will receive challenges and rewards that drive you further on the path to becoming the ultimate drummer. The new Touch app makes learning drums a fun and interactive game to master, taking you through various drumming games to the final stage, where you receive a certificate from Yamaha upon completion. Continue your journey from there with the 10 core drum kits and 287 drum and percussion sounds, mixing them together however you want to develop your own unique, signature style.

    Featuring all the components of a modern day drum kit, the Yamaha DTX432 was built for space efficient, quiet practice – as well as teaching you how to play every step of the way, providing an invaluable learning experience at an affordable price. The DTX432 also features an upgraded kick drum, with a durable pad and responsive Yamaha pedal for a great authentic feel.

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  • Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module & Sensor


    The Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module & Sensor system is the latest innovation of hybrid drum technology from Yamaha. The system combines the best elements of both acoustic and electronic drumming into one, simple package. The system consists of a sensor and a module, with all of the necessary cables and accessories to start creating and performing in no time. The sensor acts as a bass drum trigger and a stereo microphone for recording your entire kit. The Yamaha EAD10 system is designed with seamless integration with the Rec’N’Share iOS app, allowing you to play along to your songs, record your performances, and share them via a choice of platforms including YouTube. With virtually endless customisation options for your sounds and effects, the Yamaha EAD10 Hybrid system is designed to revolutionise the way you play.

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