• DW Drum Workshop DW9500TD Hi Hat Stand, 2 Legs


    DW Drum Workshop DW9500TD Hi Hat Stand, 2 Legs

    DW 9500 Hi-Hat Stand Specifications:
    The Lateral Cymbal Seat is a first in hi-hat design, allowing instant access for adjusting the bottom cymbal angle; a small detail that makes a big difference.
    The uni-body Folding Footboard stays attached to the base casting when secured in the folded position.
    Double Eccentric Cam Drive System
    The DW 9500 Two-Leg Hi-Hat utilizes a patented Double Eccentric Cam that increases the sensitivity of the footboard in relation to cymbal movement, resulting in a unique, incredibly fast and responsive feel.
    The Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension feature allows for precise adjustment to offset the weight of the top cymbal, creating a customized feel.
    The high-tech Ball Bearing Hinge provides smooth, quick action.
    Wt. 12.2 lbs.
    Tallest playing height: 43in
    Lowest playing height: 28in

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  • Drum Workshop DW6700 Flat Base Boom Cymbal Stand


    DW 6000 Series 6700 Flushbase Boom Stand

    The 6700 Flush-Base Straight/Boom Stand features a low profile flush-base design with aluminum legs, infinite toothless tilter and tube joint Memory Locks.

    DW 6700 Lightweight Flushbase Boom Stand Specifications:
    Wt. 5.6 lbs.
    1/2in boom arm, length 10.5in
    5/8in upper tube
    3/4in base tube
    Maximum cymbal seat height 56in
    Low-profile flush base design.
    Integrated Memory Locks are included on all tube joints for quick, precise setup every time.
    The Toothless Tilter with TechLock allows for infinite adjustment and secure positioning.

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  • DW Drum Workshop Machined Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal Chain Drive MMD


    Introducing DW Manufacturing. Boutique, precisely-machined pedals made from aircraft-grade aluminum in California. DW Manufacturing ushers in a new era in Drum Workshop’s illustrious pedal-making history. Employing the latest technology and the highest quality materials, these products are made to elevate the art of drumming even further. . The MDD (Machined Direct Drive) pedal is the first-ever DW direct drive pedal and the only direct drive pedal on the market featuring Floating Rotor Technology. The result is quick, smooth, responsive and yes, powerful. The game has been changed..

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  • DW Drum Workshop 6000 Ultralight Hardware Pack with Bag


    Smaller and lighter, the DW 6000 Series Ultralight stands are scaled down for optimal portability.

    Drum Workshop 6000 Series Ultralight Hardware Pack Main Features

    2 Cymbal stands, Snare Stand, Hi-Hat Stand, and Carrying bag.
    Smaller and lighter than the standard 6000 series
    Glide Tilter
    Spring loaded snare basket
    Smooth and effortless hi-hat stand
    Perfect for bop kits and vintage sets.

    A scaled down version of the popular line-up of 6000 Series retro-styled, flush-base hardware, 6000 Series Ultralight™ stands utilize smaller diameter, lighter gauge steel tubing and a low mass tube joint for optimal portability.

    Other marquis features include a new Glide Tilter™ for exacting adjustment of cymbal and snare drum angles. An ‘old-school’ snare basket design get a modern, spring-loaded make over and the hi-hat stand is as smooth and effortless as its 6000 cousin.

    Ultralight™ hardware is a perfect for bop kits, vintage sets and gigging drummers everywhere.

    4-piece pack includes:
    2x 6710UL Cymbal Stand
    1x 6300UL Snare Stand
    1x 6500UL Hi-Hat Stand
    1x DSCP6000UL Hardware Bag.

    DSCP6000UL Hardware Bag dimensions (approximate): internal L 27 x W 10 x H 8 inches | external L 29 x W 12 x H 10 inches

    The overall weight including the bag is 9kg.

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  • DW Drum Workshop 5000 Accelerator AD4 Double Bass Drum Pedal



    A new, improved and upgraded bass drum pedal. The 5000 series has been re-engineered, most noticeable feature is the tri-pivot toe clamp which makes sure your bass drum pedal and bass drum stay connected. The clamp has three independent rotating rubber pads that firmly pinch almost any diameter and thickness bass drum hoop. With the added textured rubber base plate pads Drum Workshop have ensures you will stay firmly attached. Also Drum Workshop have added a dual bearing spring rocker which makes the 5000 series bass drum pedal a lot more responsive and quicker than before.

    The Accelerator (AD4) drive system – DWCP5002AD4

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  • DW Drum Workshop 9000 Snare Drum Stand 9300


    The 9300 Series Snare Stands are the only stands designed with double pedal set-ups in mind. The offset basket allows optimal snare positioning while remaining balanced.- The knurled snare basket knob can be easily reversed, allowing the basket to be in a more closed position for holding smaller drums. – The snare drum angle adjustment can be firmly locked with the large reset handle and double locked with TechLockÿ. – The basket can easily be removed from the tilter, enabling quick snare changes. 9300 Standard Snare Drum Stand Specifications:- wt. 10.1 lbs.- 1″ upper tube- 1 1/4″ base tube- maximum basket height 28.5″- minimum basket height 18″

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